"Smyrna Bakery" was opened in the late 1940's by Howard McEntyre Sr. in downtown Smyrna on Atlanta Road.  The business was certainly a family affair as sons Howard Jr., Louis, and Wilson all worked in the bakery as well as Howard Sr.'s wife, Granny.  After "Smyrna Bakery" closed in early 1954, Howard McEntyre Jr. opened the current "McEntyre's Bakery" in late 1959 which was also located on Atlanta Road in Smyrna just a few miles from the original store.  "McEntyre's Bakery" moved to the Jonquil Plaza Shopping Center in Smyrna in 1961 and remained there until 2007 when the bakery was relocated to the current location on Concord Rd.

Howard McEntyre, Sr. (left) prepares cakes with son Howard Jr. (right) around 1959

Howard McEntyre Jr. and his wife, Carolyn, operated the bakery with their son Steve until 1988 when Howard Jr. retired.   Ownership was then passed to Steve and former McEntyre's Bakery employee, Charles Barnett.  In 2003, the fourth generation of family ownership began as sons Ryan and Brandon joined their father Steve upon Mr. Barnett's retirement.

Even over 65 years after Howard McEntyre Sr. founded his original bakery, McEntyre's Bakery is still a family affair. Today McEntyre's Bakery is operated by Steve and his son & daughter-in-law Ryan and Joy. Steve's wife, Diana also makes an occasional appearance to help out during the busiest seasons.  The 5th Generation of McEntyre Bakers is currently in training as Ryan and Joy's children Madalyn, Mason, Hudson, and Maggie begin to "learn the ropes" and pitch in every way they can.

Carolyn McEntyre (far right) with sales clerks and a 4 tier wedding cake around 1959

Much of McEntyre's Bakery's success is due to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy of the McEntyre family.  Many of the original mixing machines, cake pans, and other equipment bought by Howard McEntyre Jr. in the late 1950's are still in use today.  The key to making a great cake or a perfect pie is not found in fancy, technologically advanced equipment, but is achieved by using the highest quality ingredients available and by putting the care into making a product as if it were for your own family.  Our customers are our family, they have been faithful to McEntyre's Bakery for decades and they deserve the very best we can offer them.